Matching on-chain assets with the right users, using AI powered sybil prevention, knowledge graph enhanced profiling and user targeting

Hackathon Winner
Trusta synthesized multiple algorithmic sybil-detection approaches into one single toolTeam went above and beyond, with excellent clarity, depth and practical usefulness for sybil identification
Core Technology
  • PHASE 1

    Sybil Detection PoC

  • PHASE 2

    Sybil Scoring as a Service

  • PHASE 3

    Multi-chain Ecosystem Adoption

  • PHASE 4

    Intelligent User Targeting Network

TrustScanAI Powered Sybil Prevention
Know Your Users, Prevent Sybil AttacksMake informed decisions whenever making giveaways, airdrops or promotionsEvaluate Your Investments: Less Risk, More ValueDetect sybils or bots in the projects you plan to invest with assets or interact with your timeMulti-strategy, Real-time and In-depthProvide AI-powered in-depth evaluation and profiling of Web3 addresses
Our Team
PeetCo-Founder CEO
SimonCo-Founder CTO